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Ordaana lets you send Quotes and Invoices to Clients so you can look professional and get paid on time.

Task Boards

Task boards can be used to organize tasks into various projects or business groups. Tasks can be added to a task board and moved between task boards.

Creating Tasks

Tasks can be assigned to one or more team members. Tasks can either be created manually or they can be created through automations.

Managing Tasks

Sort tasks by dragging them within a task board.

Move tasks from one board to another by clicking the 3 dot actions menu next to the task.

Collaborate with team members by commenting on tasks. Commentors can also @mention other team members in order comments.

View tasks as a List View or a Grid View.

Task Automations

Set up Automations in account settings to create tasks automatically. Tasks can be created using the following automation triggers:

  • When a new order is created, create a task
  • When an order status is changed, create a task
  • When a new form is submitted, create a task

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