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Ordaana is the most flexible small business scheduling platform that helps you schedule all types of appointments for your team ranging from sales, service and support. These appointments can either be scheduled directly by your team within Ordaana, or you can create flexible Appointment Forms for your Clients to self-schedule appointments with your business.

Types of Appointments in Ordaana

Standalone appointments

  • These types of appointments can be scheduled without requiring a Client order to be placed. Standalone appointments are best used for Client meetings that take place before a service order is placed or for as-needed meetings while the service is being delivered.
  • Examples of standalone appointments:
    • Sales meetings
    • Demos and webinars
    • Ongoing project meetings

Order appointments

  • These types of appointments can be scheduled when the service order is placed. Order appointments are best used for delivering a service. Order appointments also support Client service selection and payments. Learn about Orders
  • Examples of order appointments:
    • Salon appointment
    • Photography order appointment
    • Repair order appointment
Compare Standalone Appointments and Order Appointments
  Standalone Appointments Order Appointments
Requires an order
No Yes
Service selection
Not supported Supported
Not supported Supported
Creating appointments
Appointments page, Appointment forms Orders page, Order forms
Client portal
Shown in client portal as appointments Shown in client portal as orders
Event location supported
On-site, Off-site, Virtual On-site, Off-site, Virtual
Multi-user availability
Supported Supported
Appointment slot duration
Manually entered Dynamic based on service selection
Team calendar display
Displayed in orange color Displayed in blue color
Client notification
Appointment confirmation Order confirmation
Appointment reminders
Email,SMS Email,SMS
Multiple timezones
Supported Supported
Scheduling Client Appointments

Ordaana lets you to schedule standalone appointments and order appointments to suit your business workflow.

Schedule a Standalone Appointment

Schedule an Order Appointment
  • Order appointments involve creating an order first, and then scheduling an appointment for that order.
  • Steps to create an Order with appointment:
    • Navigate to Orders
    • Click + Create Order
    • Select a Client Contact
    • Enter Order Title and Description
    • Select the Services being ordered Learn about Services
    • Select Order Status
    • Select Order Owner
    • Submit
    • Navigate to the newly created order in Orders
    • Click Book Now
    • Select an Event Location Learn about Event Locations
    • Select a Scheduler. Learn about Schedulers and Availability
    • Select an Appointment date and time
    • Select an Event Host
    • Submit
Allowing Clients To Self-Schedule Appointments

Ordaana lets you create flexible scheduling forms to allow your Clients to self-schedule appointments.

Rescheduling Client Appointments

You can reschedule Client appointments from your Ordaana account, or your Clients can reschedule appointments themselves.

You can reschedule appointments in the following ways:

Reschedule a standalone appointment

  • Navigate to Appointments
  • Look up the appointment click to view details
  • Select Reschedule Appointment

Reschedule an order appointment

  • Navigate to Orders
  • Look up the order and click to view details
  • Select Reschedule Appointment

Clients can reschedule appointments in the following ways:

  • Click on reschedule link in the order confirmation email
  • Log on to client portal to reschedule appointments Learn about Client Portals
Types Of Event Locations

Ordaana supports 3 types of event locations for appointments. The event type can be selected when a new appointment is scheduled.

  • On-site event This type of an event takes place at your physical business location or office. The location for this event type is the business address entered on Account Settings
  • Off-site event This type of an event involves you or your team traveling to the Client’s location to provide the service. The physical address for this event must be entered when creating an appointment.
  • Virtual event This is a virtual meeting that does not have a physical address associated with it. Ordaana supports virtual meetings using Google Meet online conferencing platform. Learn about Google Meet integration

When creating Ordaana appointment or order forms, an event type must be pre-selected for each form. Learn about Forms

Appointment Slot Duration

Appointment slot duration is the length of the appointment in minutes. Appointment Slot Duration is either manually entered or dynamically calculated based on the type of appointment being booked.

  • Appointment slot duration for Standalone Appointments
    • When creating Standalone appointments, you can enter the appointment duration in minutes.
    • This also applies to Appointment Forms created for Clients to self-schedule appointments. Learn about Forms
  • Appointment slot duration for Order Appointments
    • Slot duration for Order appointments is automatically calculated based on required duration for each of the services selected. Ordaana scheduler analyzes the services selected to calculate the required appointment slot length for the order. Learn about Services
    • This also applies to Order Forms created for Clients to place orders and self-schedule appointments. Learn about Forms
Appointment Reminders

Ordaana supports sending appointment reminders via email and SMS.

Create an appointment reminder:

  • Navigate to Account Settings
  • Scroll to Appointment Reminders section
  • Create a new appointment reminder
  • Select reminder type (Email or SMS)
  • Select reminder time

Appointment reminder settings apply to all appointments scheduled in the Ordaana account.

Your account must have an Ordaana phone number associated with it to enable SMS messaging. Learn about SMS Messaging

Team Calendar

Calendar shows all standalone and order appointments scheduled for the entire team. Each appointment is colored coded as follows:

  • The color of the box signifies the profile color of the host user. Profile colors can be edited by administrators from Manage Users screen.
  • The color of the dot signifies the type of appointment. Yellow dot means it is a standalone appointment, blue dot means it is an order appointment.

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